What is a Positive Leader ?

Positive Leadership

We are often asked is what is a Positive Leader. What is this notion – so abstract – which seems to solve all problems faced by an organization? We present here our own description of the Positive Leader.

Becoming a Positive Leader takes time but everyone is able to progress at his own pace. Like any discipline, it can be more or less present in your management style, but each new quality is a step towards the excellence of a benevolent and more efficient leadership.

The Positive Leader conveys certain qualities and values:

  • Positive, inspiring and balanced in his professional and private life, he takes pleasure
  • Optimistic, he constantly focuses on the favorable aspects
  • Reflects a conciliatory image of work and well-being; he gives the example of a person in harmony and well installed
  • serene, calm and caring

The positive leader communicates:

  • Clearly communicates the vision, the strategic objectives and values ​​of the company to all employees. He must be able to link each startegic decision to at least one of the values ​​of the company
  • Transparent, he can convey difficult messages without manipulation or aggressiveness
  • Listening, active and responsive to problems
  • Frees the hidden talents of employees
  • Gives importance to mistakes, valuable sources of learning
  • Forbids the retention of information and rivalries between services since they have no place in modern society
  • Leader opens minds to innovation and celebrates contributions


  • Sets a course, describes the expected objectives, focuses on results and deadlines without worrying about the methods
  • Delegates, accompanies, empowers, follows and supports
  • His actions are limited to what depends solely and strictly on him
  • Conveys responsibilities and the resulting decision-making powers

Trustworthy, he puts himself at the service of his team:

  • Irreproachable
  • The redistribution of responsibilities gives him time to focus on his first mission: to ensure that his teams have the means to work efficiently and succeed
  • Establishes a framework, a structure (teams, training, lightened processes, etc …) oriented in the direction of taking responsibility

Benefits to the company are natural and obvious: we find a healthy business in which it is good to work and live. A society must focus on the essential: the human and the created value. Good leadership produces results, forging a team that is more united, more motivated and more able to succeed or even excel.

Frédéric Lambé


SwaPositive supports companies in a sustainable transformation towards a Positive Leadership, to find the well-being at work, the confidence, the commitment and the spirit of innovation of its teams, as many vectors of growth.

As the first third party of Positive Leadership, SwaPositive created the Positive TEIG ™ label to measure, standardize and value the engagement of positive companies.

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