The positive strategy

Our mission

A mission: define your positive strategy.

Two objectives: performance and human capital.

SwaPositive is listed as the first third party of Positive Leadership. We have developed a thoughtful and balanced transformation methodology to make each company a responsible organization.

We support companies first and foremost in strategic thinking to define their identity base: mission, identity, objectives, values ​​and organization. A strategic roadmap is then built to build a healthy and empowering organization.

Our neutral and comprehensive approach to business improvement translates into a positive impact on performance in the shortest possible time.
We value positive business at all levels.


● Diagnose and analyze what your business environment is about:

● Strategy, competition, societal and environmental, financial, cultural and governance.


● Change your management style: renew your employees’ trust and commitment.

● Letting go: learning to focus on the essential, oneself. Use recognized mindfulness meditation techniques.

Human Ressources

● Talent-oriented recruitment policy. Open the selection process to switchers.

● Accompany your teams. Promote employees as a motor of growth for the company.


● Trust, accept change, define a professional project at the heart of the company’s goals.

● Call for innovations: accompany innovative ideas to turn them into reality.

Our Method

To find well-being at work, the confidence of employees, commitment, the spirit of innovation of its teams.
So many vectors of growth.
1st Third Party of Positive Leadership
Two transformation programs
First positive companies label

Your transformation is guided by a neutral entity, maintain it through the Positive TEIG™ label, the most effective tools for a healthy, agile, positive and sustainable business.
The Positive Strategy program is the way to define and consolidate your strategic planning by reading and analyzing your strategic environment.

The SwaP’4Good program (4 to 8 months) is a complete method of transformation to a positive business (> 100 employees).

The SwaPilot program (2 to 4 months) incorporates SwaP’4Good's principles and third-party approach, lightened to meet the needs of smaller businesses (<100 employees).
We created the first positive business label Positive TEIG™ to measure, standardize and valorize the engagement of positive business.

  • 91% in France, world average: 87%

  • 26% in France, world average: 24%

  • 11.5% of GDP, ie a cost of € 12,600 per employee and per year

  • Only 14% of employees understand the strategy and direction of their company

The SwaP Team

Frédéric Lambé

Co-founder & CEO
18 ans d’expérience en projets industriels de grande envergure, dont 10 en expatriation. Passionné de stratégie d’entreprise, Frédéric pratique le Leadership Positif depuis 7 ans en Norvège, France et Congo.

Benoît Drevet

Co-founder & Partner
14 ans d’ingénierie en microélectronique et un virage dans les énergies renouvelables.
Switcher professionnel, Benoît propose une nouvelle vision du recrutement aux entreprises.

Ronan Abiven

Business Development Manager
15 ans de Leadership Positif dans une entreprise d’ingénierie en Norvège, Ronan s’inscrit comme un exemple du Leader positif.

Hélène Quinque

Consultant, Organisation and Strategy
15 ans en finance, stratégie et gestion de projet et un MBA en Organisation et gestion du changement. Hélène vous accompagne dans la performance humaine, organisationnelle et économique.

Scott Phillips

Coach professionnel
DU Executive Coaching de Cgy-Pont.
15 ans d’expérience dans le conseil et l’entreprenariat, passionné par la transformation des équipes et des dirigeants.

Svoboda Boiadjieva

Coach professionnel certifié RNCP1
Linkup Coaching
Après 10 ans dans le monde du digital, Svoboda fait de l’accompagnement personnel des dirigeants ou de groupes pour optimiser les potentiels humains et professionnels.

Eugenio Correnti

Instructeur qualifié de Pleine Conscience – Mindfulness (MBSR)
Ingénieur et MBA en gestion financière, après 15 ans dans la sécurité informatique au niveau international, Eugenio est aujourd’hui un instructeur qualifié de Pleine Conscience – Mindfulness (MBSR) et un facilitateur du changement individuel et collectif.

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