3 December 2017

TEIG™ Label

TEIG ™ Positive Label guarantees positive business engagement over time

These past 30 years bear witness to successive corporate culture changes in quality, safety and finally the environment. These developments have been possible thanks to a modification of the constraint: the standardization of good practices.

We do not believe that the best training can fundamentally change a management style in a few days, let alone a corporate culture. To be effective, Positive Leadership must go through an evolution of corporate culture. Standardization will enable long-term and sustained change in Positive Leadership, and therefore well-being at work.

We offer Positive TEIG ™ certification to companies that are able to meet the positive business specifications.

The certification has a limited duration, it is renewed every 3 years during a management audit (except the first accreditation issued for one year). Thus, the company is guaranteed that the means deployed for positive leadership and the associated benefits are permanently established in its organization.

More than a label, a tool

The Positive TEIG ™ label allows:

  • To the company, to give itself the means to maintain a Positive Leadership sustainably by preserving the means put in place over time, to favor the development of a better image, to promote the ethics of its management.
  • To its managers, the satisfaction of finding a healthy company, with a better performance of its employees, a renewed sense of initiative and a growth.
  • To Human Resources managers, to give a human meaning to their role, by promoting its employees as an engine to grow the company at the same time as them.
  • To the employees, the pride of working for a modern and attentive company. A company that gives back responsibility to everyone.

Positive TEIG ™: Trust, Engagement, Innovation, Growth

Entering the virtuous circle TEIG ™ depends first of all on the initial impulse of leaders and managers. But, human resources and employees must contribute equally to the process of transforming their business. It is the object of a neutral approach where everyone can contribute. This is the first project of the company.


To prepare a label, we are available for our customers a specification corresponding to the proposal for standardization of the positive company. During an audit, the managerial and human resources management methods are evaluated according to the specifications. If the majority is respected, the company receives Positive TEIG ™ corporate certification. Recommendations are made for items that would require corrections.

A company that follows one of our transformation programs will be automatically evaluated and will be eligible for the Positive TEIG ™ label if the metamorphosis has been effective.

The first Positive TEIG ™ certification is issued for one year; a recertification is issued for a period of three years.