3 December 2017

SwaPositive Programs


A positive business label, two transformation programs.

Measure, standardize and value the commitment of positive companies. This label, issued based on demanding requirements, is the only accreditation attesting the respect of the principles of Positive Leadership, including Company performance indicators. It is also the insurance for the company, to give itself the means to maintain a Positive Leadership, durably.

The certification process with the Positive TEIG™ label can be initiated alone, excluding transformation programs. However, it is automatically included in both our programs.

SwaPositive supports companies in their transformation towards Positive Leadership. We have two programs to meet the needs of each company:

  • The Positive Strategy program is the way to define and consolidate your strategic planning by reading and analyzing your strategic environment.
  • The SwaP’4Good program includes the fondamentals of the SwaPositive project, it is the complete transformation program, suitable for companies with more than 50 employees, no maximum size limit. The SwaP’4Good program touches all categories of employees; the responsiveness of the program and its impact on the company’s performance are the fastest.
  • The SwaPilot program was created to meet the needs of smaller companies, up to a few employees. As actors responsibilities are different, our program is streamlined to focus on the needs of smaller organizations.