3 December 2017

The SwaPilot Program

The SwaPilot program is a lighter version of the SwaP’4Good comprehensive transformation program towards a Positive Leadership. It is focused on specific needs of smaller organizations, making the transformation to a Positive Leadership accessible to all. 

The SwaPilot program extends over a period of 2 to 4 months in 3 sessions of 1 to 2 days spaced approximately by 1 month. In between sessions, exercises are sent weekly to the Company key COORDINATOR to continue and follow-up the transformation in depth. 

As a third party, we help companies to reaching their optimum well-being and economic potential by a balanced approach towards all actors (management, HR managers and employees).

Here is how the SwaPilot program is organized: 

1st stage: Company Positive Survey (at no charge)

We offer a free evaluation by visiting your company during half a day and collecting the information we need to evaluate the company organization meeting executive management, HR managers and a staff representative.

The purpose of this survey is to understand issues, needs and objectives of a potential change. Every Customer is different; we will assess whether we can help you or guide you towards another partner if we feel we can not answer your needs.

2nd stage: The SwaPilot Program Presentation

About two weeks after the survey, we come back to present the best tailor-made transformation program, as light as possible to regain a healthy company, engagement at work and growth.

A program COORDINATOR is appointed within the Company to ensure monitoring and follow-up of actions (collective and/or individual) required by the program.

3rd stage: The SwaPilot program process

The program is defined to respond in the most effective way to the specifications of the Positive TEIG™ label:

  • Management & HR: Company strategic goals thinking, definition of Company values and set proper communication means. Basic Positive leadership training is given to Managers. Human resources management methods and a hiring policy focused on talents and the future of the company. 
  • Employees: a reflection on the individual definition of their career development is initiated and links of communication and confidence reconnected with their leaders.

4th stage: Long-term Follow-up

At the end of the SwaPilot program, if the transformation of the company meets Positive Company requirements, the company receives the Positive TEIG ™ label, attesting to the individual valorization of the employees and the respect of the precepts of Positive Leadership.

The first Positive TEIG™ accreditation is issued for 1 year, recertifications are issued for a period of 3 years.