3 December 2017

The SwaP’4Good Program

The SwaP’4Good program is designed for companies in the range of 100 employees and more – no maximum size. Smaller companies may be interested in the lighter program: SwaPilot.

For a program that requires a detailed strategic and financial analysis, consult the Positive Strategy.

This program aims to guide companies to apply a Positive Leadership, restore well-being at work and be economically more profitable. The question is not to revolutionize the internal organization but to make the best of it with the same means, regain the positive momentum, growth and agility of a start-up, adopting a Positive Leadership culture is the most promizing path.

The SwaP’4Good program lasts generally between 4 and 8 months depending on the company size and goals. The program is split in four small sessions (2/3 days each) spaced by a few weeks. In between sessions, assignments are sent weekly to the Company key COORDINATOR to continue and follow-up the transformation in depth. 

Your Company will acquire a positive culture by setting tools for the common good, allowing everyone to find their place and express their best potential. You will recover engagement and see progress indicators raising through each individuals.

Your next 4 stages: 

1st stage: Assessment 

We start to exchange with the executive management, HR managers and staff representatives to evaluate your potential needs and objectives. Every project is unique, we will get information to assess how we can help the most efficiently.

2nd stage: The tailor-made solution presentation

About 3 to 4 weeks after the assessment, we return to present the level of maturity of positive leadership in your company.

Then, how your company can strengthen its performance with Positive Leadership and the associated economic growth potential.

If you are willing to go ahead, we will redact and sign the PositivAct, a moral agreement listing your positive objectives.

A program COORDINATOR is appointed within the Company to ensure monitoring and follow-up of actions (collective and/or individual) required by the program.

3rd stage: The SwaP’4Good program process

The program is generally divided in five themes:

  • Strategic reflexion on the Company vision, missoin, values and objectives
  • Management: a Positive Leadership training is provided to Management from top and down in all its verticality.
  • Human Resources: a method of human resources management and a hiring policy focused on talents, matching the future strategy of the company.
  • Employees: we will introduce the program to them, lower their natural protective defense, to federate them around the program. A reflection on their career development is initiated.
  • A call for innovation is also performed ending with an optional Start-up weekend.

4th stage: The Positive TEIG certification, for a long-term change

At the end of the SwaP’4Good program, if the organisation meets the Positive Company requirements, we will issue the Positive TEIG™ label, attesting the individual valorization of the employees and the respect of the precepts of Positive Leadership.

The first Positive TEIG™ accreditation is issued for 1 year, recertifications are issued for a period of 3 years.