20 October 2018

Positive Strategy


Stratégie Positivie


To accompany your project, we perform a reading of the current strategy of your company.

1 – Diagnosis and analysis

Diagnosis and analysis of all that constitutes the environment of your company:

  • Contextual : merger, alliance, strategic optimization, organizational
  • Strategic : identity, domains of activity and trajectory
  • Competitive : positioning, differentiation, innovation and rupture
  • Societal and environmental : who do your employees work for and for what?
  • Financial : consolidation of accounts, definition of synergies and outsourcing
  • Cultural : the constraints of your environment
  • Governance : the right balance between human capital and performance

We deliver a complete strategic and financial analysis of your business with our recommendations. This report is a basis of exchanges to co-build the roadmap of your project.

2 – Consolidation of strategic planning

Co-construction and consolidation of your strategic plan and the detailed roadmap following the two fundamental axes of our approach:

  • Performance and governance:
    • Identity base
    • Activity Portfolio
    • Internal organization and external relations
    • Ambitions, objectives
  • Human capital :
    • Preparation of the environment – Change management
    • Accession of employees to a smooth transformation
    • Revelation of the potential of each

Presented in the manner of a strategic planning, your roadmap will detail the sequenced actions to be implemented to reach the targets, namely your organization, your market and your collaborators.

3 – Implementation

We will assist you in carrying out strategic planning actions according to your needs; advice, monitoring and/or coordination.